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4 41st St S
Birmingham, AL, 35222

(205) 208-0016

Sozo Children exists to further the gospel while saving children in need. Children are in need across this world, and one by one, Sozo Children is reaching each of them. We don't presume to conquer poverty on our own, but by the grace of God, and the movement of the Church, Sozo Children is one avenue through which orphans find families. 


Child Development


Child Development Program

Sozo Children's mission is growing our children in Christ by providing their basic and growth needs through our sponsorship and partnership programs.  




Meet Vivian. Vivian loves building one on one relationships, helping around the houses, and playing board games. She was one of Sozo’s first 17 children. Prior to joining Sozo, Vivian lived in an orphanage where her basic needs often went unmet. Today Vivian has a home and a family who loves her, cares for her, and makes sure all of her basic needs are met. The picture below is from 2010 when Vivian first joined the Sozo family. Visit the Child Pictures link to see how Vivian has grown over the past 6 1/2 years. Currently, Vivian is in need of sponsors to cover TWO segments of her sponsorship. The total amount needed for Vivian’s sponsorship is $70/month. Will you invest in Vivian today?  Click the link below to start sponsoring Vivian today. 

Sponsorship Testimonial

"He has impacted my life far more than I could ever hope to impact his."
-Kyndall R. , Child Sponsor

Child Sponsorship Program

Child Partnership Program

Every child has a sponsor for each of these 8 segments. Sponsors provide for the basic needs while Partners provide for growth needs. Choose one or all and begin changing a child's life today. Each segment is $35/mo. 

What does each segment mean? Click on the link below for an overview of each segment. 

How someone cares for a child matters. Click on the link below to learn how Sozo Children's vision positively impacts our children's futures. 

Want a hard copy of this information to look over? Print the PDF in the link below. 

Watch to see the need in Uganda, how Sozo raises children, and the funding of day to day operations. 

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