Letter writing Guide


If this is your first time writing, thank you!

Just as you are interested to know about your child and family, your Sozo child is delighted to hear details about your life. Your letters can inspire your Sozo child to study harder at school, to be more confident in his or her relationships, and to draw closer to God. Here are some guidelines to get you started!


General Guidelines:

+ The purpose of writing letters to your Sozo child is to provide a consistent source of encouragement that he or she can look back on as they grow up. 

+ Include your family in the letter writing process! Encourage your children to participate in sending letters as well!

+ Please do not write your letter in cursive.

+ Please do not include your last name.

+ Please date your letter.

+ We would love for each letter you send or receive to build on each other. For example, you can keep the letters your child writes, and follow up with them based on what they write. If you shared something new in your life with them, you can send an update on that in your next letter. 

+ End your letter with a couple of open-ended questions for your Sozo child to answer. 

+ If possible, include pictures with your letters that show what you talked about in your letter.

+ We require that you write a minimum of one letter per year and a maximum of six letters per year. However, please understand that your letters are distributed and replied to roughly three times per year (May, August, December). You can expect to receive the annual update letter in January. 

+ Letters can be mailed to the Sozo Children office or emailed to us at


Writing Ideas:

+ Describe what your life is like. 

+ What is your typical day like now?

+ What do you do at church/work/school?

+ What are some interesting facts about your state/region?

+ How do you relax?

+ What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

+ What are you learning right now?

+ What are your closest family members like? How has God been faithful to your family?

+ What are some recent changes in your life (workplace, moving, graduations)?

+ Talk about your spiritual life. This will help shape your Sozo child’s journey as well.

+ How did you become involved in your local church?

+ How has God comforted you in trouble?

+ What was the last sermon you heard or class study about? How has that impacted you?

+ Explain how you are impacted by sponsorship.

+ What is your prayer for your Sozo child?

+ How do you remember the child throughout the week or month?

+ What do you appreciate about this child? (Comment on recent letter, the child’s prayers for you, artwork in a letter, smile in the photo, or something else.)

+ How can you encourage your sponsor child on any recent successes or milestones?

Topics to Avoid:

The list above is a good starting point for exploring together what you have in common. There are, however, a few things that might make your sponsored child feel uncomfortable or create expectations that can’t be met. These include:

✖ Elaborating on your material possessions (for example, the size of your home or kind of car you drive). This will only accentuate the difference between you and your child. Suggesting that your sponsored child visit the United States.

✖ Using slang or colloquialisms that would be difficult to translate or understand.

✖ Asking the child what they want as a gift from you. The kids are told not to ask for things from you out of respect, so please send any questions about gifts to the Child Resource Coordinator at

✖ Asking the child you sponsor if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Children living in the Sozo homes are not allowed to date before college, but more importantly, asking this question could create shame or confusion by implying they are “supposed” to be dating. Growing spiritually and excelling in school are our two main focuses.



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