As I interviewed Francis he was lovingly cuddling and doting on my infant daughter, pausing our conversation to give her butterfly kisses. I watched in amazement as this eight-year-old boy soothed my squirmy, fussy baby into a calm contentment. During our time together, his love for children and especially babies, would became even more evident as we spoke.

Looking at Francis and his sweet spirit now makes it difficult to believe he hasn’t been loved and nurtured his entire life as he has during his time in House 1. Before Sozo, Francis lived in Mercy Home and upon its closure, moved in with his grandmother until he and his brother, Douglas, moved in house three years ago.  The consistency and leadership from older boys and his house moms and dads has helped him flourish so much that he now pours out love onto others. With education as a big part of Sozo focus, he has grown and improved in his schoolwork. He is currently in Primary 3 and enjoys Math because it’s his best subject. He laughed as he explained to me how easily it comes to him.

Francis is also a talented member of the Sozo choir. He has been in the US since late December and thoroughly enjoys staying in host homes and meeting new people. Eggs and rice tops his list when it comes to his new favorite foods, and his host families enjoy making it for him. He also enjoys playing soccer with his new US friends and at home in Uganda with his Sozo brothers and sisters.

Francis dreams of becoming a farmer in the future. He loves animals and looks forward to taking care of them and raising them well. He explains that farmers must not only be good with animals, but also really love them. Farmers must also know a lot about food, and Francis wants to focus his progress in this area.

Francis wants others to know what a nice kid he is, and how good he is with babies. One look at him and you would agree he has a gift.