Four years ago Gilbert became a part of the Sozo family, leaving the dismantled boys home of his past behind him. His personality wouldn’t strike you as a boy with a past, but instead as a young man with a bright future and big heart. At seventeen, his voice is warm and friendly and he lights up when he speaks about his leadership roles within his community, both in house and out.

Gilbert is quick to point out he is not just a mentor to the younger Sozo boys, but views them as his younger brothers. When he speaks about the other kids he lovingly refers to them as brothers and sisters and can’t hold back a big smile.  He frequently helps tutor, especially in his favorite subject, History. He loves learning about his country.

Knowledge and curiosity about his country will serve him well as he sets his sights on becoming a lawyer. When asked about the motivation behind this choice he speaks about justice. Justice for those in jail for nothing, or for misunderstandings, drives him and propels him to pursue this challenging path in his schooling. To be a lawyer, Gilbert explains, a person must know English fluently, emit confidence, be intelligent, and stand out from others. He is well on his way, honing his skills through preaching in the village and leading devotion time at home.

Gilbert is a member of Sozo Choir and is currently touring the U.S. singing in churches, schools, and ministries. His favorite experiences so far have been riding along the smooth roads, a stark contrast from the roads at home, and eating pork ribs, his new favorite food surpassing Matoke, a national dish in Uganda.

When asked what he wants others to know about him he simply referred to his loving nature to be “a loving guy who genuinely loves everyone.” If you want the sincere honor of meeting Gilbert you can find him at a Sozo Choir Concert, the schedule is posted online, or drop by Sozo Trading Co. on their off days before they head back in May.