Our sponsorship program exists to connect individuals with vulnerable children to experience the love of Christ. We partner together to provide for their basic needs like medical care and education as well as cultivating personal development like essential skills and spiritual growth. Our goal is that, by God’s grace, our kids will grow into healthy and productive, Christ-centered leaders in Uganda.

These resources are to help current sponsors build strong relationships with their child. Check out our letter writing guide, skype guide, and report card guide.

Have questions? Read through our frequently asked questions list! Feel free to also send additional questions, here.

How someone cares for a child matters because it is the determining factor of that child's future.Learn more about Sozo's approach to raising our children.



Faithful Monthly Contribution → $35/segment

Sozo Children’s Child Sponsorship program provides for basic needs of each child within the homes. Child Sponsors are such a vital role in the life of Sozo Children. The segments focus on basic needs (housing, medical, nutrition, and education) and growth needs (nurturing, discipling, equipping, and leading).

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We not only want to feed children in Uganda, we want to make sure they have a future. Will you partner with us?
Sign up as a sponsor today by clicking the button below or selecting a child’s portrait. Please contact Riley Cowell at if you have further questions.

What you CAN EXPECT when you sponsor a child

A relationship with your child, communication through Skype calls a couple times a year, newsletters with
updates on their progress in school, recent pictures and more!



By sponsoring Phi I've learned how to truly live out my faith. I have watched her live her life completely surrendering to Jesus. And through sponsoring Phi we have built a strong relationship! — Megan Schrock


Watch our video to see the need in Uganda, Sozo’s mission for meeting the need, and how day to day operations are funded.