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4 41st St S
Birmingham, AL, 35222

(205) 208-0016

Sozo Children exists to further the gospel while saving children in need. Children are in need across this world, and one by one, Sozo Children is reaching each of them. We don't presume to conquer poverty on our own, but by the grace of God, and the movement of the Church, Sozo Children is one avenue through which orphans find families. 

Successful Campaigns


fundraising can be fun!

We are so thankful for everyone who has started a campaign on behalf of Sozo Children and the Village Project! Check out some of the below campaigns that we think are pretty awesome.  Keep up the great work everyone.

We want to hear from YOU! If your campaign is going great, let us know, we want to celebrate what you are doing. 


5K Run

Chloe Binkley from Winston Salem, NC has a big idea for her campaign. Watch & find out what she is planning on doing in her city to get the word out about The Village Project.