We are so thankful for everyone who has started a campaign on behalf of Sozo Children and the Village Project! Check out some of the below campaigns that we think are pretty awesome and get inspired! Keep up the great work everyone.

We want to hear from YOU! If your campaign is going great, let us know, we want to celebrate what you are doing. 


Katie's cookies

Katie Colucy is selling Cookies for a Cause as her campaign for The Village Project. Katie has been making these cookies with her mom since high school and they're back by popular demand! 

"In 2014, I served as a missionary with Sozo and lived in Uganda for 8 months. Now back in America, I want to help Nicholas, who my parents support. I want my friends Mary, Joan, Andrew, and Daudi to be able to look outside and know that they are finally home. These cookies won't just satisfy your sweet tooth, they will help allow my family in Uganda to claim their forever home."

Katie is passionate about the mission of Sozo Children and hopes you will consider buying some cookies through her campaign!

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Bella reese's lemonade stand

Check out Bella Reese's Sweet Treats! 

Bella Reese started selling lemonade for Sozo when she was 3 years old. She wanted to buy chickens for the children there so we decided to set up a lemonade stand at a yard sale. She has raised money every summer since. This year when we heard about The Village Project, we knew we wanted to do something big. That's when we came up with Bella Reese's Sweet Treats. We made our lemonade stand mobile! Our goal is to raise $500 by going to local businesses and selling lemonade and treats to employees. We have already raised 1/2 of our goal and hope to surpass it! Sozo has a very special place in our hearts and Bella Reese hopes to go on a mission trip to Sozo in a few years!