Team LeaderS

Are you interested in being a Team Leader for Sozo Children in 2019?

Serving as a team leader for a Sozo Children’s mission trip is a great opportunity to give back! Trip leaders are individuals who have previously served with Sozo Children in Uganda. Each leader should have an interest in missions, an understanding of the vision and values of Sozo Children, a desire to serve the team selflessly, and most importantly, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Requirements for serving:

 Must have served with Sozo Children in Uganda as a team member, intern, or missionary.
 Must be at least 23 years old.
 Must have a pastoral reference, personal reference, and a reference from your Sozo team leader.
 Attend the mandatory team leader training weekend

Cost: YOU’re covered!

The only cost for our selected team leaders include travel arrangements to and from the team leader training weekend and all airport expenses during travel.

Dates: Team Leader Training Weekend - TBA

PLEASE read our expectations BEFORE APPLYING:



• Communicate and engage team members prior to departure
• Train each team member prior to departure
• Recruit for your team through personal social networks, social media, or recruiting events
• Travel with the team to and from Uganda
• Build exceptional team unity
• Lead team debriefs
• Track all team expenses in country
• Follow the lead of our Ugandan staff
• Coordinate in country logistics among our Ugandan leadership
• Update the team Facebook page
• Document the trip through pictures for team members
• Follow up with team post-trip to ensure a smooth transition back to the US 
• Work with our Commissioning Coordinator to ensure the team is accountable to all Sozo policies and procedures
• Ensure the team experience does not hinder our long-term efforts
• Ensure team members maintain healthy relationship with other team members, staff, and especially children


must demonstrate the following:

• Mature relationship with Jesus & equipped to lead spiritually
• Actively living and pursuing holiness
• Respectful of Ugandan culture and customs
• Submit to Sozo leadership which includes both US staff and Uganda staff
• Must fully understand the vision and values of Sozo Children
• Ability to serve the team selflessly and put the team experience above your own
• Ability to actively include and show value to all team members no matter the circumstance
• Adhere to all Sozo Children policies by example
• Maintains appropriate relationships with past team members, staff, and children

TRIP LEADER Testimonials

Mary Tate Thomas
My favorite part about being a team leader is watching how team members step out of their comfort zones and serve their hearts out for God. Over the week, you have the chance to learn the amazing and unique stories about how God brought them to Sozo. Watching each person serve God with their gifts and abilities is extremely inspiring. Overall, you don’t just lead your team, but you learn so much from them as well.
— Mary Tate Thomas
Kim Stockdale
What an adventure we had! There were 11 of us and we came from 6 different states. From the excitement of developing a relationship before the trip, to finally seeing all of their sweet faces in Amsterdam, and then traveling to Uganda together was  so so good. BUT GOD....He touched us individually and corporately. We became a community with a community and fell in love with Sozo, the Village and Uganda - some of us for the first time, others, all over again! The Lord does not return anything to us void & here He graced us with a multitude of special moments. 
— Kim Stockdale
Laurel Reeves
I had been to Uganda many times before, but leading a team was definitely a new experience.  I learned so much about myself, and was able to develop deeper relationships with Sozo staff members and kids. It also allowed me the opportunity to develop new relationships with my team members, and it was an honor getting to share a big part of my heart with my team!
— Laurel Reeves